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Model in SL since 2009, lover of beauty and harmony, brings elegance and humor to fashion in her articles, Bestyle Magazine and Avcon digital magazine, as well as on runways and in her agency The PROFESSIONALS IMA.


One post only skimmed the surface  of the B&W galore present in sl these days, so here is a second take on this great theme.

The variations are within Vero Modero and  Legal Insanity.

The short Vero Modero  So erious eagle  dress  and the So Cute Minnie dress are paired here both with the VM leggings as well as with the Kitty Cat suit in white by Legal Insanity, the results are very flexible and fun outfits to wear outdoors, especially when you are dancing. I could not resist the male VM So serious hoodie Tiger, who says that male clothes are not good for girls?

The boots are by Kunglers, the shoes by Redgrave, the jewels by Je suis and Vintage Jewels (black Antinea collar and bracelet).

Skin is Meja by BLUSH Skins, like the make up, hair by Monso.


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Black and white seems to be a very intense trend this spring, so here is my take on it with this first post dedicated entirely to Prism.

This graceful outfit, called Georgia black leather,  is a great combination of casual and chic, it feels comfortable and elegant at the same time.

It is completed by Antinea in black ( earrings and ring are shown here)  by Vintage Jewels, white pop boots by Gizza and the matching cowhide Hellen leather bag black and white  by Amarelo Manga.

Skin is Meja by BLUSH skins, like the orange lipstick, hair by Monso.


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Today is the 4th anniversary of the Energy Club, the vibrant club founded by Datrip BlackBart and friends.

There is a reason to celebrate this, since Datrip is the fantastic designer of Legal Insanity and some of the items you will see in the photos are gifts for this celebration, so hurry to ENERGY CLUB  and have fun!

I am wearing a mix and match of Legal Insanity clothes:

the fantastic leo leggings (complete with boots)  are gifts and can be found at Energy, the gold pasties are also part of the gifts, the top corset is part of the Kitty Cat suit in black by Legal Insanity.

The skin is Meja by BLUSH skins, like the orange lipstick, the hair is by Monso.

Go dancing and Enjoy!

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Today I have the pleasure of presenting two very different creations available at Fashion Limited, a place where you can find really different styles and mix them all.

The common trait for the two dresses is the flowery spring feeling they both inspired in me.

First the NYA Shop Easter Dinner dress, a knee length dress, in white with floral motifs, it is a very easy to wear dress, a graceful and feminine addition to your wardrobe. I added shoes by Redgrave, white classic clutch by Belod and a fun headband by Lode.

The second dress is a long piece by Loovus Dzevavour in bold flowers, I felt very lively in it and I paired it with the Farewell My Love, Maleficent make up by LovelyMi, also available at Fashion Limited, shoes by Redgrave.

The hair is by Magika in two different colors, the skins are by BLUSH Skins.


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What an amazing dress! or perhaps I should say dresses, since the dress I am showing you today comes in so many versions that it always looks different.

This Belted dress by GIZZA is a complete outfit in itself: it has a great belt and an elegant precious necklace in the same nuances of colors of your chosen dress.

I only had to add the short Vivienne boots also by Gizza and a croco clutch by Amarelo Manga for the snake soil version and a croco handbag by Belod for the Snake stone version.

Skin and make up by Blush, hair by Lamb, vintage sunglasses.


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March begins in AMARELO MANGA

It is time to look at spring from close up, here I show you three different outfits that will give you a great pleasure this coming spring, all  from AMARELO MANGA :

First we have INES, a  casual chic, long sleeved  jumpsuit, it is  made of soft shimmering silk in a delicate pastel palette,  here shown in Aquamarine and purple.

The second outfit is called ANGELIQUE in batik textures, here I show you three patterns, I feel like being on the beach with such  flexible outfits.

Then you can admire Cecile, a complete  outfit for Designer’s circle 74, here you see a cute skirt with embroidered top, completed by matching shoes, hat, leather bag all by Amarelo Manga.

Shoes by Redgrave and Maitreya, jewel by Morea, skin by Blush skins, hair by Boon, Lamb and Magika, nails by Nailed it,  make up by White Widow and Loweli Mi for Fashion Limited.

Enjoy the new season!

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Unending is the tide

crashing on the beach

dragging the pebbles

in a long drawn sound,

down in the depths

where waves are born,

where silence reigns.

Gently the waves lap the shore,

caressing the sand in a shy embrace,

a soft kiss that leaves no marks

on the unperturbed border

between the worlds.

Such is your love

Such is my love

Down in the depths

where passion lies waiting

for the next opening,

its chance for life.

A howling wind

stirs up the quiet silence

creating a torrid storm.

Nothing can remain quiet,

nothing can stand still.

All is captured in the vortex

for as long as it lasts.

A soft breeze carries scents

of old forgotten times, lands of plenty,

memories and dreams.

The delicate scent is powerfully intoxicating,

it flies everywhere,

no human, nor animal, no tree, nor stone

is left untouched by its golden hue.

Such is your love

Such is my love

Never meant to meet,

forever walking aside,

never together.

Such is our love.

February 2014

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Happy Valentine to all of you, your loved and dear ones!

THE STYLE ICON Fashion Fair by L E G A L I N S A N I T Y

Legal Insanity has produced a great event from February 7 to 28 2014:

The STYLE ICON Fashion Fair, a place where all the participating designers have brought their ideas of what a fashion icon is.  Whether a movie star or a singer, a philosopher or a painter, an icon (litterally an image from the ancient Greek) has become a common expression to indicate a person notable for his/her style.

I have visited the entire fair, getting often lost in the many shops and really interesting clothes and accessories offered in great abundance. I have chosen to photograph only one dress, by Legal Insanity, as a tribute to the brand’s creativity and outlook on fashion.

The gown is Vivienne punk chemical,  a perfect mesh, decorated with graffiti on an Union Jack flag, it is completed by fur (not shown here), since I decided to add the perfect Lode hat called Warrior, I believe this is the perfect accessory for our times….

The necklace Puzzle is also by Legal Insanity, the nails by Nailed it for Fashion Icon.

Skin by BLUSH Skins, hair by Boon, extra make up by White Widow and Mua.


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Fashion is unlimited….

Fashion can be expensive, but all the designers have realized how much people love to change look in sl where it is certainly more affordable than in rl. For this reason I am going to explore and report on some of the fairs, special events, or ongoing shopping experiences available around the grid, where the prices are lower than in the mainstores, just for a limited time.

Today I have a special post for you, straight out of Fashion Limited where I chose two outfits that are easy to wear and flexible as well by LPD and NYA.

LPD offers us Clelia in a grey silvery color, I was lucky to find the perfect bangles at Fameshed, while the hair brooche and nose pin are both from Vintage Jewels,  a special issue for Valentine day. The boots are Vivienne in stone by Gizza.

NYA brown is a cute and easy to mix and match outfit, in your box you can find everything you need from hat to boots to tights and a scarf (not shown here). This time I only added the nose pin and body brooche in ruby by Vintage Jewels for Valentine day.

Skin is Sienna pale by BLUSH Skins, hair by Lamb, poses by Belod.


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Time for a mask

I have decided to dedicate one post to carnival, the time when all licence used to be allowed and encouraged, the only moment when rich and poor, nobles and common people could mingle and be social together. Nowhere else this was the norm more than in Venice, the most romantic and exotic city of Italy, where east met west, where ancient habits and modern fashion used to become new trends for the rest of Europe.

I found the beautiful Prada Venice sim and decided to take some photos there, in a masked attire.  I chose the gown called Northern Goddess by Alba2Rossini, a great Italian artist and designer, who has not given us any more of her detailed and unsual creations for far too long.

I added a feather collar by Agnes Finney (another great brand now unavailable), bracelets and earrings Paparazzi 2 by Chop Zuey, leather half mesh mask by NYU for POE6, sandals by Laroo, hair and hair base by Boudoir, skin Sienna by BLUSH skins, make up by MUA.

Enjoy your time for fun and adventure!

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PRISMatic colors and shapes

I am delighted to share with you today some cute and fabulous items by PRISM, so many colors and feminine shapes from casual to formal just in one day.

Here you can see the Prism Irene multi taupe, it is a knitted minidress with 3 different kinds of scarves, paired with Valquiria khaki leather boots and matching necklace both by Kunglers, the hair with its cute woolen hat is by Exile.

Then you can feel warm and cozy in Willow blueberry, a knee lenghth  woolen dress, here paired with Gizza Lisha boots in plum and the Lux Viola hand bag by Belod.

Last I have chosen these two great gowns called Lanai for a special night, they both give you a perfect alluring shape for a night to remember, here presented in Fractal and Mardi Gras, gloves by ALB Fashion and gloves by Prism, the jewels are Lovis Black set  and  Melody amber set  by Vintage Jewels, the hats are vintage Bliss couture, no longer available. Skin is Sienna by BLUSH Skins as well as the make up.


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Take 3 great brands, shake their outfits and accessories together in a big cauldron and what do you get?

CHIC MIX with clothes and accessories by AMARELO MANGA   GIZZA   LEGAL INSANITY.

It all started with Amarelo and a splash of Gizza, here in the golden  Izadora by Amarelo,  completed by its matching pumps and made even more alluring by the fantastic Papillon set in olive by Gizza.

Then how could I resist the amazing and sexy Gizza spiky white fur paired with Legal Insanity Debby cargo pants, Amarelo Manga Aurora Rose quartz necklace and rose Gizza Soho tote bag?   I could not, my photos show it clearly! This first version was followed by Debby camo black cargo pants by Legal Insanity, the black version of the Gizza spiky fur, Amarelo Manga Aurora red jasper necklace and red sunglasses,  with the  black Soho tote bag by Gizza.

At this point  a change of scenery was needed since the Gizza Urban outfit here is paired with Legal Insanity Jenna leather  jacket chevron black, Lorena boots by Amarelo Manga, soil  Soho tote bag by Gizza,  and the Sheldon Animal  sunglasses by Legal Insanity.

I decided to show the full Urban set in black by Gizza with its matching Soho tote bag in camel, Aurora citrine necklace and Lorena boots by Amarelo Manga, sunglasses by Legal Insanity.

Last but not least, is the great black short dress  Joyce by Amarelo Manga with its matching clutch and shoes, as well as the great Aurora rainbow necklace, Sheldon funky sunglasses  by Legal Insanity.

Skin Armine and make up  by BLUSH Skins, hair by Magika and Lamb.


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Spring weddings

The air is vibrant with romance all around, the birds are just about ready to tweet, Valentine day is soon to come, for all these reasons I have decided to dedicate two posts to spring weddings with many amazing pieces as well as some formal wedding gowns.

1.The first dress shown is  Estelle by Danielle which offers us a silvery, cream or white dress that can be worn with a soft lace flexi gown or without it for the reception. It is completed here by the beautiful Lovis White tiara, necklace and earrings by Vintage Jewels.

2. Then comes another amazing gown by Innuendo called Icy  Snow, it is another dream in fluffy white with a tight bodice and a magnificent mesh gown that is perfect for a romantic reception, here it is also presented with its included precious golden arm jewels and tiara.

3. Then some really unsual choices for out of the box weddings: the Petalite by Zanze in gold paired with a huge brim hat by Baiastice is perfect for a high class lady, perhaps at her second wedding? You need to be bold to enter center stage in this sexy low cut dress!

4. This short silvery dress is Yara by Baiastice, for sale at Collabor88,  a really simple, yet elegant dress for a young informal wedding or a reception. This is perfect when you want to feel at ease, dance the night away with your groom and all your friends.

5. Last but certainly not least is the magnificent vision by Solidea Folies called Summer Bride. Our bride is beyond opinions and trends, she sets  offering her whole heart full of flowers in place of her ribcage….. if you want to dare, this is the dress for you, with make up by White Widow, gloves by ALB Fashion, tall boots by Elysium, this is an unforgettable look.

Skin is Armine Pale by BLUSH Skins with make up by Blush as well.


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Waiting for spring! 4 more outfits to get you in the mood ….

Oufit 4 is the brown version of Joly Jacket and pants in brown by Vero Modero, mixed with the orange zebra Selina Catsuit by Legal Insanity, Gizza pop boots and MEB handbag.

Outfit 5 is the Tres vest and pants by Vero Modero an outfit mixed with Gizza leather bag, shoes by Redgrave, glasses by Legal Insanity, jewels by Kunglers and ME Pansy Tropical necklace

Outfit 6 is the black and white version of the Joly jacket and black pants by Vero Modero, here with ankle boots and a long necklace by Kunglers, such a delight this outfit, it is a fun and full of spring.

Outfit 7 is the zebra green Selina Catsuit by Legal Insanity with Laroo sandals, this is the final touch, I am ready for summer and you?

Skin and make up by BLUSH Skins, hair by Magika and Lamb, nails by Nailed it.


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Mix and match my way 1

I have received so many great clothes in the last few days that I have decided to create some mix ad match outfits in order to share and show this bounty in two blog posts.

These outfits already look at the season to come, clothes that can be worn indoor or outdoor,when the sun shines a little.

Here are the first three :

Outfit 1 Danielle styles offers us Freesa sweater with jumper in black, it is perfect for the cold weather, it can be worn with or wihtout the cape on top, here it is shown with MEB black leather flared pants and matching pumps.

Outfit 2 The MEB Dublin outfit (available only at the Gypset Gold! ) is shown here in two versions: one with the Freesa sweater by Danielle in black, the leather aviator male jacket by Gizza

Outfit 3  The MEB Dublin shown here with its blue leather Miuccia chiodo jacket by MEB, completed by its matching socks and shoes.

Skin and make up by BLUSH Skins, hair by Magika, nails by Nailed it.


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BLUSH SKINS new contest

A fantastic way to show your ability as stylist is now at hand with the new contest by BLUSH Skins:

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Blush Skins

BLUSH Skins is glad to announce its next contest starting on January 13th and ending on February 10th.
The theme is romance: show us your skills in creating the perfect romantic photo featuring any of the Blush skins and the outfit of your choice.

Only one photo is allowed per contestant, all the photos will be judged by a panel of jurors and also by the popular vote on Facebook and the Blush Skins website.

There will be two winners: one decided by the jurors and one by the popular vote, so start styling!

The prizes will be a photosession with the wonderful Asia Rae, participation in the BLUSH Skins events for next anniversary and in the 2015 BLUSH Skins Beauty Calendar.
There may be other prizes added along way for especially good photos.

The participants should send their pictures to Sessie16 Resident or upload into our “Blush Skins Valentine’s Day Picture Contest” group on Flickr ( . Only pictures sent by these ways will be accepted!

Only pictures sent until February 10th 2014 will be accepted, so keep the deadline!

We wish you all good luck!


Postcards from the Alps

A brief visit to the mountains, what shall I wear? But of course some Italian wear!

The first outfit is Hermes by MEB a full outfit, from shoes to hat and hair, with a fantastic pair of leather pants, a slim leather jacket in zebra and a silk scarf, I loved it as soon as I wore it, it felt comfortable and smart at the same time.

The second outfit, presented here in 2 versions (brown and green) is called Anyta  by INNUENDO, again another complete outfit with a cute hat and knee length pants with pom poms.  To this I added a pair of Vivienne boots By Gizza and a day bag by Amarelo Manga.

Skin and make up by Blush Skins, nails by Nailed it.

Enjoy the snow!

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Red is auspicious

At the beginning of the year it is auspicious to wear red, the color of protection for many cultures, today we admire two different gowns.

The first one is  Natashs in red  by AMARELO MANGA, a long puffy skirt with a delicate lace for top, perfect for a formal night, it is shown here with jewels by Amarelo Manga.

The second one is Plaid formal gown  by GIZZA, a tartan fantasy complete with bowler hat (not shown here) the jewels are by Vintage Jewels.

Skin by BLUSH Skins, make up by Madrid Solo.


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MOREA STYLE so feminine….

In my country today is the last day of the long festive season, we celebrate an old witch climbing down the chimneys, covered in dark soot, she brings sweets to the good children and coal to the bad ones. Oftentimes Italian men tease us, since all women can be called witches at time, I prefer the term “benevolent fairies”.

So today I am showing you the most benevolent, soft and sensual fairies around, all dressed in Morea clothes.

First we have the short cute dress MOREA Donna Disco Silver in white, here presented with the Peacock necklace and Vivienne boots by Gizza, this outfit has a nice head band as well, such a perfect piece to light up your disco nights.

MOREA Ophelie is a sensual outfit with its tight pants and flowing top, completed by its jewels and brooche. I added the matching Gizza Vivienne boots and handbag, as well as Vintage Jewels earrings.

Then we admire the MOREA Paola in exclusive brown, a piece that easily makes me think of the roaring 20′s, I added the Finesmith  Good tiara, a great gift  received for the new year. This outfit is made perfect by the Belod Wonka clutch and Gizza Vivienne boots in matching color.

And now for the two fabulous gown: MOREA Anna is in black, such  a flowing, silky dream, it can be worn with its black or white fur (here not shown) I added only the full Finesmith Good set, shoes by Laroo.

Finally the MOREA Faith in white, this beautiful and romantic outfit is completed by its own jewels (not shown here), since I kept the Finesmith Good set and Laroo shoes.

Skin is Sienna pale by BLUSH Skins, make up by Blush and Madrid Solo, hair by Wasabi Pills, Dura, Boon, nails by Nailed it, poses by Manifeste.

Enjoy! e buona befana!

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GIZZA Self defense and POE 6 gifts

These days a girl needs to defend herself against all events…

GIZZA’ s Self-defense is a full outfit from head to toe, with a great leather corset and shorts, spiky sleeves and boots, a great piece to wear.

In demure pink and white, in intense red and black this outfit will certainly attract!

Skin by Blush skins, hair by Wasabi Pills, make up by Blush and Madrid Solo, full outfit including shoes by Gizza, earrings by Vintage Jewels.

All the furniture and props come from the wonderful POE 6 gifts, you still have 2 days to enjoy them, hurry up and complete your hunt:

FURNITURE: BA Peace on Earth hunt fireplace
PARK PLACE candles on candlesticks
APHRODITE Tnaksgiving centerpiece
AN LEMA Furniture bed and rug


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